2020 Recital Details

The Music Place
2020 Spring Recitals
Updates & Reminders!

February 2020

Dear Parents,

Thanks for learning with us! Please read ENTIRE parent letter for new information!

  • Policy Form included with registration – must be turned in for registration to be complete.
  • Registration AND payment must be made to guarantee a space in a recital.
  • Registration for private and group performers may now be submitted from the same new recital portal located at this link: http://recitals.musicplace.com
  • Drum students encouraged to perform on March 14 and March 15 or work with their teacher to bring their own drums to recitals. We regret we can’t provide drums for every recital.
  • Recital registration and payment must be kept separate from tuition payments.
  • There is no charge for family members and friends who wish to attend recitals.
  • Set your email to receive recital information from our spring recital team at <recitals@musicplace.com>
  • Individual performances must be no longer than 5 minutes per student – your child’s teacher will work with your child on this.


Students can have a great experience even if they have had only a few lessons. Our recitals are comfortable, relaxed, and encouraging, quite differentfrom the boring, stiff, and scary recitals that many of us experienced as a child. Please visit our website at www.musicplace.com/recitals.php for more general information about our recitals and to find links to the various group, private and selected teacherregistration forms. Any questions regarding what your child will be performing should beaddressed with their teacher.


  • Your instructor has selected at least 2-3 recitals from which to choose.
  • Students whose instructors are presenting students at multiple recitals may choose which time they prefer on a first come, first served basis.
  • If you wish to get in a recital that your teacher is attending, please register immediately. Telling your instructor is not registering.
  • Instructors are not obligated to attend all student’s recitals—just what they have indicated as their choices.

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE EARLY: Please check your child’s school and/or sports schedules to make sure recital times don’t conflict with other events (if possible), requiring youto leave early.Recitals are scheduled to last 75-90 minutes unless otherwise designated.

REGISTRATION OPENS Tuesday, February 4th (Form is unavailable until then)

Early Bird” Recital Registration Discount!

EARLY BIRD” REGISTRATION FEE: (now until February 29that midnight)

  • $35.00 per child or $55.00 family maximum (multiple students within a family).
  • Payments must accompany registration form in order to guarantee a reservation.

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: After February 29th

  • $45.00 per child or $65.00 family maximum (multiple students within a family).
  • Payments must accompany registration form in order to guarantee a reservation
  • If your child needs to register for two or more recitals if they have multiple teachers, you only need to pay for one recital. At the end of the reservation form, a link will be provided to the new form.

PLEASE PAY SEPARATELY: Although you may combine payments for all participants & recitals, payment for recitals MUST be separate from tuition in order toconfirm reservation.

REFUND POLICY: Because of the effort that goes into registering and processing reservations as well as planning, ordering, printing theprograms and certificates, we are not able to offer credits for recital cancellations with less than 7 days notice. Forcancellations with more than 7 days notice, a credit towards the next recital season will be offered that must be used then or forfeited. We are not able to offer refunds.

FINANCIAL HELP AVAILABLE: We want every child to participate. Please note that if these fees cause you unusual hardship, we encourage you todiscuss this with our office and we will make arrangements for your child to perform without charge in exchange for parent help at ourreceptions or office help.



  • Our portal will ask you to provide at least TWO recital dates/times options on your reservation form in order to help make sure we can find a spot for your child.
  • Please check with your child’s teacher on their availability. When a recital date/time has insufficient enrollment (4 students or less), we may need to cancel or combine recitals, and we don’t want your child left out! The space you desire may fill up unless you register early.


CGSLC = Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (1550 Meridian Avenue,SJ)

  • Saturday, March 14 4:30pm; 7:00pm
  • Sunday, March 15 3:00pm; 5:30pm
  • Saturday, March 21 4:30pm; 7:00pm
  • Sunday, March 22 3:00pm; 5:30pm
  • Saturday, March 28 4:30pm; 7:00pm
  • Sunday, March 29 3:00pm; 5:30pm
  • Saturday, April 4 4:30pm; 7:00pm
  • Sunday, April 5 3:00pm; 5:30pm
  • Saturday, April 18 4:30pm; 7:00pm

* Drum sets provided at these recitals


  • STAY! Please plan to remain through the entire event to allow the more advanced students to have an audience and inspire younger students. Reception unavailable until recital is over.
  • Please make sure your children are fed before they come. Although we provide drinks and finger foods in most recitals, they are served AFTER recitals.
  • There is no childcare or nursery provided at any of the recitals.
  • Group classes should wear whatever their teacher instructs them to wear.
  • If you are in a private class, or if you don’t get instructions on what to wear, then attire should be “Sunday best” but comfortable. No shorts, sweats, or flip flops and by special request of the church facilities – no skate shoes.

QUESTIONS? Email our team at recitals@musicplace.com.

Thank you! We look forward to a great recital season!


Betty Wu and the Recital Team <recitals@musicplace.com>