Recital Etiquette…

Here are some tips about being a polite attendee, a successful presenter, or both!

  • Every performer wants an appreciative audience, and the last deserves the same audience as the first! We target recitals to be only 75-90 minutes for that reason. Sorry, but, leaving early is simply doesn’t fall under the Gold Rule umbrella!  
  • Please make sure that children are fed, and “relieved”, before the recital. Although drinks and finger foods are available after the recital, we want to make sure that even our youngest audience members can wait that long!
  • Bring a throw away plate of non-greasy, non-sticky finger food to share afterwards if you can! (Veggies, pretzels, cookies, etc. are great choices.)
  • We love to see kids dressed up for special events, but suits & ties are definitely not required…
  • No shorts, sweats, tank-tops or flip flops. Also, by special request of the church facilities – absolutely no skate shoes.

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